Our Chair 

Alan Mitchell

Alan was appointed Chair in January 2021 after being Vice Chair for a year. Formerly a civil servant, Alan is now a coach and change management consultant and volunteers for a number of local and national charities. 

He said: "I am interested in the removal of unnecessary barriers between organisations so that the whole system can work for the benefit of citizens. I believe Healthwatch can assist with improvements in this area."

Our Board Members

Vijay Manro

Vijay has held long careers both as a civil engineer and a local magistrate and now, as a Healthwatch Wiltshire Board member, is looking forward to interacting with local people on health and care issues.

He said: "I am now semi-retired and wanted to continue to deliver public service - in this case to ensure the residents of Wiltshire receive excellent health services when they need them."

Hazel Dunnett

Hazel has lived in Wiltshire for over 30 years and has an army and nursing background. She has worked in NHS hospitals, as an agency nurse, and as a school nurse at a boarding school. She has volunteered for Healthwatch Wiltshire since its launch in 2012 and enjoys meeting new people and listening to their feedback. 

She said: “I am proud to be representing Healthwatch Wiltshire. I am very much family orientated and want my family and friends to have the health and social care they expect and need.” 

Irene Kohler

Irene has a background in adult education, specialising in developing and ensuring access to education for adults with physical, sensory and learning disabilities, people with mental health issues and older people. She has also worked in advocacy, supporting older people to get access to services and resources. She is the older people’s champion in Salisbury.

She said: “I view the role of Healthwatch Wiltshire as providing the opportunity to bring about positive change and challenge inequality; ultimately to enhance the experience of people dependent on health and care services.” 

Joanna Wittels

Joanna worked as a personal injury solicitor for 25 years before taking early retirement and working as a volunteer for local charities for the last 10 years. She moved to Wiltshire in 1992 and has developed a broad interest in local issues and services.

She said: “I am very excited to be appointed to the Healthwatch Wiltshire Local Leadership Board and I am looking forward to helping everyone in our community have their say in the way that health and care services are developed and delivered across the county.”

Andy Mintram

Andy is a Business Manager at a large GP practice in Poole, and has worked in the NHS since 2009. He sees building strong relationships between the public and those who commission and provide health and care services as key to improving services in Wiltshire. 

He said: “As a Wiltshire resident, I want to use my professional experience to help develop services in my local area. Healthwatch Wiltshire should ensure that the patient and community voice is seen as being just as important when developing services as commissioners and service leaders. I want to make Wiltshire a place to be proud of when it comes to our health and wellbeing.” 

Julia Tyler

A recent arrival in Wiltshire, Julia is keen to contribute to the area she now lives in and get involved locally. She has extensive experience in higher education, especially business schools, in both the UK and the US. Now semi-retired, Julia undertakes a range of trustee, consultant and volunteer roles.

She said: "In one way or another all our lives are impacted by how we interact with the health and social care systems. A critical role for Healthwatch Wiltshire is to provide fresh insights into what’s important for people and to help ‘join the dots’ about people’s experiences.  

"I’m looking forward to understanding better how different parts of the health and social care system work and getting to grips with the best way of communicating across the system."

Board papers

Read the minutes from our Local Leadership Board meetings. 

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